Your organization and audience are dynamic, innovative, and clever – your speaker should be too.

There is a shortage of just about everything right now…

labor, enrollments, supplies, patience, time … the list goes on. And – the shortage seems to be the new norm.

Think about some of the current challenges in your work.

Focusing on doing fewer things done to the “jaw-dropping success” that you know is possible (because you’ve done it before) could be an option. But which of the many ‘things’ on your plate do you focus on so that you pivot in the right direction?

What are the root causes?

If you had more, would that solve the issue?

Or does more result in more problems?

Perhaps the answer is less?

One of KP’s superPowers is helping leaders achieve phenomenal success at their organizations.

As the founder and president of the Institute for Effectiveness in Higher Education, KP has an enormous passion for helping elevate leaders and their organization’s superPowers. In particular, her work has advanced colleges and universities that have minority and underserved students – helping students and their families reach phenomenal success.

As an international author, KP has published extensively. She has 5 books with Routledge Publishers – one of the largest publishing companies in the world. Additionally, she helps elevate other leaders and their expertise by spearheading collaborative projects that have a visible impact.