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Second-in-Command (2iC), First in Excellence: An Organization’s Secret to Achieving Phenomenal Success

Why do some departments, divisions, or organizations soar while others struggle? Watching others’ success while feeling that your team or organization offers better value can be incredibly frustrating. These teams and organizations might have a secret you don’t.

In this timely book, international author and 2iC expert KP Powers focuses on the Second-in-Command (2iC) role in organizations. Having served as a 2iC, she focuses on essential skills that 2iCs already possess and that they can enhance to be an organization’s secret to achieving phenomenal success. In this book, KP Powers introduces a ground-breaking concept of linking multiple 2iCs as a Second-in-Command chain. This game-changing technique multiplies the impact that 2iCs have on organizational and leader success.

Leaders no longer have the luxury of hiring more people to complete the workload. The labor shortage and the need to cut costs because of the recession make that impractical. Instead, leaders need to consider a new organizational framework that includes the use of 2iCs, thus multiplying a team member’s contributions. This is especially critical in highly regulated organizations such as higher education, finance, and health care, where the stakes and penalties are high and unforgiving.

Second-in-Command (2iC), First in Excellence is the first book of its kind to think differently about this critical and overlooked role. Geared for leaders who have or want a 2iC as well as individuals serving in the 2iC role, this book aims to demonstrate the value of a 2iC role while professionally developing 2iCs.

This book is being published by Routledge – Taylor & Francis.

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