Kristina ‘KP’ Powers, PhD

KP Powers is a Data Culture Maven who helps leaders combine and leverage their greatest assets — people and data — for success

Building sustainable data cultures to maximize your technology and digital transformation investments, she is obsessed with building on existing infrastructure to achieve phenomenal results for clients.

KP has an insatiable appetite for learning, analyzing data and information, and synthesizing content for actionable success. So, it comes as no surprise that she has spent her career working in colleges and universities and higher education organizations – understanding how these complex ecosystems work, the people in them, and how to help them achieve phenomenal success.

KP has lived in 5 states (New York, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and California) and Washington, DC. She currently resides in San Diego, CA, with her husband Tim – enjoying the warm weather, organic & gluten-free food and as much travel as her schedule will allow.