Helping ambitious leaders strategically put the ‘organize’ back into their organizations

Kristina Powers is a Success Enabler…

guiding leaders and organizations to achieve phenomenal results. She is an international author, speaker, trainer, and coach.

For over two decades, KP has been invited to speak and present on organizing people and resources for efficiency and effectiveness – building capacity in leaders and for organizations. She has authored 5 books – with another in the works, which can be found worldwide. KP has been invited and serves on several boards, advancing organizational success.

Success in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world emerges from the pandemic

Nearly everything has changed over the last two years – priorities, goals, focus… And – people have changed. With all of these changes, leaders need new strategies and playbooks to unlock the phenomenal results that they know their organization can achieve.

Throughout the pandemic

KP helped organizations not just keep up, but stay ahead of rapidly moving changes. She used the pandemic to innovate and forward-think – quite literally ‘never wasting a good crisis.’ KP shared her insights, extensive research, and tools broadly so as to accelerate the impact organizations could have on the lives of their employees, clients, customers, and students.

Not Another Boring Online Session

KP’s online sessions are dynamic, engaging, interactive – and packed full of content.

Thanks to the pandemic, people are everywhere and not in the same place each week. Thus, online sessions are ideal to meet the needs of all participants.

With 20+ years of teaching and training – in-person, online, and hybrid, KP combines her award-winning teaching with advanced technology and engagement techniques to deliver content that leaders and teams can put to immediate implementation.

Laptop in gallery mode with coffee cup.


30-60 Minutes

Multiple computers on a table.


90 Minutes to 2 Hours

Online conference with microphone and computer


1/2 to 3 Days

*In-person conference sessions are available.